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William Todd Bowsher

William Todd Bowsher, born October 24, 1974 to Jack & Julie Bowsher has grown up around a racing team.  Married to Alfie Bowsher and father to the adorable Ashlynn Renee (born May 4, 2008), Todd is the hottest, young driver on the ARCA circuit!

  • Personal Vehicle - 2008 Ford F150 Pick up 

  • My First Car Was:  1983 T-Bird

  • Favorite Food:  Outback Steak House Food

  • Hobbies: Avid Professional Bull Riding fan and going to Las Vegas

  • Favorite Movie:  "Gladiator"

  • Favorite TV Show:  "CSI"

  • Favorite Recording Artists:  George Strait

  • Favorite Actor/Actress - Robert DiNero and Jodi Foster

  • Favorite Comedian - Ray Ramono

  • My First Job:  working on race cars for Dad

  • Favorites Sports Team:  Cincinnati Reds and Ohio State Buckeyes

  • Favorite Vacation Destination:  Las Vegas

  • My Family Says I'm:  just like my Dad!

  • Present Job: Receiving Supervisor at Gordon Food Service

  • What I Love Most About My Job:  I love working for a great company like Gordon Food Service.

  • Most Memorable Moment In Racing: Winning 1992 ARCA Championship as a crew member and finishing 4th at Kentucky in July 2001.

  • Most Embarrassing Moment:  Toledo in 2003

  • Favorite Track:  Kentucky & Salem

  • Least Favorite Track:  Michigan International Speedway

  • Pet Peeve:  Cockiness

  • Occupation I Most Admire: Astronaut

  • If I were in charge of ARCA, I would:  raise purses for all races

  • Five Years From Now, I would Like to Be:  I find myself still married, 2 kids, still working at Gordon Food Service, and racing as much as I can.

  • If I Won The Powerball Lottery Tomorrow , I'd: buy Mom a ranch outside of Colorado Springs; take care of my family and friends the best I can; have a grand party in Las Vegas and really go racing!

  • Best Advice I Received From My Parents:  nothing is impossible unless you have to do it yourself.  Never quit!





Jack Bowsher & Associates Motorsports

4636 E. National Rd. Springfield, OH  45505

Contact info:  jbowsherracing@aol.com

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